Predict-a-Score Rules







  • To win the participant must correctly predict the score of each of the three nominated matches.


  • Entry is £1 per coupon.


  • The jackpot will increase by £50 per week up to a maximum of £1000.


  • The scores are taken at the end of 90 mins (plus injury time). Any extra time or penalty shoot outs are discounted.


  • In the event that a nominated match is postponed the score will be taken as 0-0 for that match.


  • Winning claims to be made to Westland Sports FC via a club official or social media . Contact details are on our website. The claimant must be able to produce the retained copy of the coupon.


  • In the event that there are multiple winners then the jackpot will be split equally between the winning parties.


  • The adjudicators are the officials of WSFC and their decision is final.